A 10-day retreat with silent mediation,
yoga, awakening and coaching
Are you in?

Most of you already know how I spend the first few months of each year in Koh Tao, Thailand. Not only to recharge my batteries and to get myself prepared for the rest of the year, but also to meditate, connect with the elements, work on my yoga practice, to remind myself that everything is one, practice gratitude and most importantly, to reconnect with my soul.

If you have been fortunate enough to experience the amazing vibration and the crystal clear energy of Tao island before, then you will most probably agree with me when I say that there are NOT many other places in this world, that are just as heavenly as this little paradise on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand.

I love my life and I strongly believe that we all deserve to live in abundance. Unfortunately, when I look around, I see that most of my clients, family members and friends constantly question themselves:

♥  Am I really good enough?
♥  Am I worthy to receive and accept all the good that life has to offer?
♥  If I do my best, would that be enough?

As a very determined coach, I’ve worked hard to come up with different techniques, to help us get rid of these self-limiting beliefs. Unfortunately, after some time, I came to the realisation that, no matter how amazing these tools were, as long as we choose to keep living a lie in terms of who we truly are, truthfully nothing would ever help! Not until we figure out whom we actually are, underneath all the different layers or else, in some ways we will always feel as though we are not good enough.

How could we? After all, when we are not in alignment with our true-selves then we are not living the life that we were born to create, this doesn’t feel good!
We became excellent actors and actresses, and over the years most of us got so amazing at it, that we may not even realize any more how we are a part of a very bad play!

So who are we?

The answer to this question should be simple and easy, right? After all, the truth lies within each and every one of us. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We have learned to wear so many masks in order to please others, that somehow many of us have forgotten who we truly are! We may act differently around our parents, play different characters around our friends, the people we know, as with people we don’t even know! People we like, or we don’t like, and behave completely differently when we are on our own. But as funny as it sounds, even then, we can be wearing a mask and we try to show to the world, and to ourselves that we are better, nicer, smarter etc. than we really, truly are.

 In this retreat I’d like us to take these masks off and just be. Freely. Without wanting to meet anyone’s (including our own) expectations of what we should or shouldn’t be. I strongly believe that if we take the time to meditate, pay attention inwards and just be, then eventually we will not only see who we truly are but we will learn to accept and love ourselves with all our weaknesses and imperfections, and with that, the quality of our lives will improve dramatically.

We are all perfect, we were all born that way. And as long as we are striving each day, to be a better version of ourselves, this very profound truth will never change. 

“Here is my secret. It is very simple.
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
Le Petit Prince (1943) Antoine de Saint Exupéry

I have been to a lot of different silent meditation retreats in the past few years where I learned about various breathing techniques, understood how to quiet my monkey mind, and why it is important not to label my thoughts, etc. But this time I plan to go a bit further.

During this retreat we will also...

♥  Learn about how to let go of all the different attachments. 

Unfortunately, many of us have learned to place our happiness onto external factors such as other people, material things or circumstances. With tendencies to hold onto such for dear life! Constantly stressing about the possibility of losing them.

We can also get attached to feelings as if they define who we are, and ironically, not just the positive ones. If you’ve wallowed in regret, or disappointment for years, it can seem safe and almost comforting to stay in this state of suffering. But, when you stop trying to grasp, own and control everything around you, you give it the freedom to fulfil you, without the power to destroy you. That’s why letting go is so important— letting go is letting happiness in.

♥  Understand that Everything is one.

 Once we realise that we are all one, we can get past all the fussing, the fighting, the inequality and start to build the life we should be living, not tomorrow but RIGHT NOW!

♥  Connect with the elements.

 The sun, the moon, the water, the breeze, all the living and none living creators that Mother Earth has gifted us with.

♥  Learn to live in the present moment.

 The past and future are all illusions, they don’t exist. As the saying goes “tomorrow never comes”. Tomorrow is but a concept, tomorrow is always waiting to come around the corner, but around that corner are shadows, never to have light shed upon, because time is always now. When you learn to live in the present, you are finally living where life is happening.

♥  Practice gratitude.

Why? The answer is simple. People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they’re thankful for, experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems.

♥  Learn to love unconditionally.

Unfortunately, most people love with conditions, even though giving love unconditionally, without expecting anything in return is our true nature.

♥  Most importantly, discover who we truly are.

There is nothing more exciting than saying goodbye to all the different masks that we learned to put on over the years in order to please others so we can finally be who we were born to be. It is our purpose to simply align with who we are, what we love to do, our talents and our potential, and then love and live accordingly.

Many people ask why we need to be in silence
for the period of the retreat?

A lot of energy and ego goes into our speech. We often say things that we shouldn’t say, that are sometimes gossipy, or even harmful. This not only makes the world noisy, it makes our own mind noisy. So, during this retreat we will keep silent, we will do it in a place, where the vibration and the energy level is so amazing, somewhere you will feel safe, where you can open your heart, and reconnect with your soul.

Besides our minds and our souls, we will of course pay attention to our bodies too, eating delicious, healthy & nutritious vegetarian food, whilst working on our yoga practice every day.

In these 10 days we will try our very best to leave our current world outside, gifting ourselves with a unique and truly beautiful experience, being in silence where the body, mind and soul can be in perfect harmony.

We will not be watching TV, nor listening to the radio for the 10 days either. You will be encouraged to say goodbye to your laptop and phone for this short amount of time too, so basically, you will get rid yourselves of all the time eating monsters that have so far controlled your life.

During this retreat, you will have only one person to worry about, to talk to, to get to know better, to forgive, to learn to accept, and love unconditionally, and to build a beautiful friendship with that will last forever. That person will be YOU.

Retreat dates:
August 11 - August 20, 2021 - Limited Spots

Baan Talay Resort, Koh Tao, Thailand

Glamping: $1,950 per person

If you feel in every bone of your body that this retreat is for you and you don’t want to wait any longer, then reserve your place for the next
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“You are the Universe expressing itself as human.”
Eckhart Tolle

My story

I’ve always been an achiever, the “get it done girl”, and even though this attitude helped me get to where I am today, I felt that everything I did, all the ideas I had about my life, about my future, and even about my work was created by my mind. Once I realized this, I was ready and open for something new to be born. Something that was not tainted, that was not conditioned, something that was clean and genuine, something that was in line with my whole body, mind and soul, and that came from my heart.

That is when I decided to put all the attained knowledge together and started organizing silent meditation retreats in Thailand and now in California too. These getaways will be different from anything you have ever experienced. Here, you will get a deeper understanding of who you are, of how you can live a healthy, happy and abundant life and you will also learn how to take this wisdom back with you to your everyday life.

I strongly believe that the little voice that is constantly telling you that you are not good enough will eventually quiet down once you lean to reconnect with your soul. You will become who you always have been underneath all the different layers. These layers are self-judgment, self-limiting beliefs, expectations of your parents and anyone around you, all the conditionings that you took over from movies, news, that you saw on TV, anything that you read in books or listened to the radio. These are not you though. These are just masks that you put on in order to fit into society. 

But this is your time, your opportunity to take these masks off and just be that amazing woman that you were meant to be.


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