Retreat Program

1. Day: Arrival

♥  Orientation
Introducing the programs for the next 10 days
♥  Going into silent mode

Evening activity: Creative Writing: an Ideal Day in 1-Year’s Time

2. Day: Where are you right now?

♥  Different areas of life – Wheel of life
(Self-Development, Health & Fitness, Significant Other & Relationships, Money & Finance, Business & Career, Spiritualism, Play & Reward, Charity & Contribution)
***Dyad (numbers, move on to the next person)

♥ What is holding you back from living the life you always desired to have? – Coaching cards

***Dyad (share your AHA moments with another person)

Evening activity: Evening Activity: Ecstatic Dance

3. Day: Meditation (different techniques)

sitting, standing, walking
♥  Going into silent mode

Evening activity: Painting

4. Day: Being in the present moment

♥ you are not your thoughts – communication

Evening activity: Restorative Yoga

5. Day: Everything is one - connecting with the elements

snorkelling tour
♥ gratitude
♥ looking at and seeing things for what they are

♥ angles – you are not alone

Evening activity: Creative Activity – Who am I Today (House – Stability, River – Flow, etc.)

6. Day: Letting go of attachments, from people to things
(Me, mine, my…)

♥ I need to be this or that, otherwise…
♥ I need to have this or that, otherwise (exercise: give away something that is yours)
♥ I need to be loved by this or that, otherwise
♥ I let go of these above… and live freely without any kind of attachment in my life

Evening activity: Yin Yoga

7. Day: Not being good enough

♥ You are not what you think you are. Not what others want you to be, nor what society expects you to be – How could you be good enough if you don’t even know who you are and not living the life you are supposed to live?
♥ Who are you then? What would you be if you take away what your parents want you to be, if you didn’t want to impress others, if money didn’t matter?
♥ What makes you happy? Don’t think but feel it! Things when you are in the flow, that are in line with your whole body, mind and soul.
♥ Don’t take things personally! It’s not you…

Evening activity: Creative Writing – What will Help me Become the Person I believe I Truly Am

8. Day: Love

♥ Purpose of life is finding our own happiness, to fully accept and love ourselves for who we are as we do the best we possible can do in any given moment. Once you are having abundance of love in your life, you will not need it from others. If someone is willing to share his / her love with you, you can say thank you and accept it, but don’t cling for it. Equal partner. Food / love FREE, you don’t have to pay for it anymore!
♥ Energy and frequency – being free in a relationship. Stay in the relationship because you want to stay in the relationship and not because of the paper.
♥ Win-win outcome (talk to him and her, what is acceptable, what is not, ask them the right questions: Is he / she willing to work on certain issues, how, by when, how you can assist them)
♥ Adult conversation – impeccable with your words (story of the fence and the nail).

Evening activity: Metta = Loving kindness; Chanting + Self-love: appreciating your body and yourself in general

9. Day: Ready to go back to society? Be your best!

♥ Evaluation of where we are: mindfulness, meditation, being in the present moment, attachment, everything is one, feeling of not being good enough, love ♥ Action Plan

Evening activity: Sharing and Celebrating

10. Day: Leaving

♥ Good-bye

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