A 4-day retreat that will help You become UNSTOPABLE and show You how to find THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!

  • How determined are you to find the man of your life in 2021?
  • How would you feel if even though you would really like to settle down in a beautiful relationship, another year would go by, and you would still be single?
  • What would you give for having an amazing partner on your side rather than feeling lonely during another potential lockdown?
  • How much more time are you prepared to waste on someone that is not worthy of your love when you could actually have everything you ever wanted?
  • How would you feel if by the end of 2021 you were already with the man of your life planning the following year together?

Every time when someone approaches me to help them find their ideal partner these are the questions I ask them first. I want to make sure that they are truly committed and 100% ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish their romantic goals. I want them to describe in great detail how it will feel once they are in the arms of this amazing man. If they can imagine the feeling, the result is almost 100% guaranteed. With my guidance there is nothing they could not achieve. 

After this 4-day retreat they already feel unstoppable, and have a clear action plan for the future. With my proven methods they all very quickly realize that the only limits exist in their minds. They understand their patterns that lead to failed relationships and learn how to change them. As they start taking these small but very powerful steps, and with the new daily habits they integrate into their lives, they quickly start feeling amazing in their own skin. 

With this newly gained glow, it becomes extremely easy for my clients to attract the love of their lives.

But the first step starts with you.

During this retreat YOU will learn

♥  how to find the love of your life

♥  what was holding you back from achieving
everything that you have ever dreamt of 

♥  how to eliminate all the self-limiting beliefs 

♥  and how create a clear action plan for
the future.

By the end of the retreat you will get in touch with your BODY and you will learn how to take better care of it. 

You will build a special relationship with your HEART and you will learn to quite your MIND.

This life-changing sanctuary is truly one of a kind that is a must do on every woman’s list.

“Here is my secret. It is very simple.
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
Le Petit Prince (1943) Antoine de Saint Exupéry

If you want to live in a happier world, then you have to start with yourself. Your new life is only a step away.

I will hold your hand and guide you to happiness and success.

Many people ask why we need to be in silence
for the period of the retreat?

A lot of energy and ego goes into our speech. We often say things that we shouldn’t say, that are sometimes gossipy, or even harmful. This not only makes the world noisy, it makes our own mind noisy. So, during this retreat we will keep silent, we will do it in a place, where the vibration and the energy level is so amazing, somewhere you will feel safe, where you can open your heart, and reconnect with your soul.

Besides our minds and our souls, we will of course pay attention to our bodies too, eating delicious, healthy & nutritious vegetarian food, whilst working on our yoga practice every day.

In these 4 days we will try our very best to leave our current world outside, gifting ourselves with a unique and truly beautiful experience, being in silence where the body, mind and soul can be in perfect harmony.

We will not be watching TV, nor listening to the radio for the 4 days either. You will be encouraged to say goodbye to your laptop and phone for this short amount of time too, so basically, you will get rid yourselves of all the time eating monsters that have so far controlled your life.

During this retreat, you will have only one person to worry about, to talk to, to get to know better, to forgive, to learn to accept, and love unconditionally, and to build a beautiful friendship with that will last forever. That person will be YOU.

Home... Sweet Home... Escondido, California

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“You are the Universe expressing itself as human.”
Eckhart Tolle

My Story

I’ve always been an achiever, the “get it done girl”, and even though this attitude helped me get to where I am today, I feel that everything I did, all the ideas I had about my life, about my future, and even my work was created by my mind. Once I realized this, I was ready and open for something new to be born. Something that was not tainted, that was not conditioned, something that was clean and genuine, something that was in line with my whole body, mind and soul, and that came from my heart.

I didn’t try to force myself anymore to do things but instead I let myself feel what was right for me. It took me some time to realize that I wasn’t what my parents thought I was, not what my friends, or anyone else thought of me, not even what I thought of myself back then, but something much deeper, cleaner and more genuine. I knew that whatever was ready to be born would come from my heart and it would be amazing.

That is when I decided to put all attained knowledge together and started organizing a silent meditation retreat that was different from anything I have ever been to. Here, you will get a deeper understanding of how you can live a healthy, happy and abundant life and you will also learn how to take this wisdom back with you to your everyday life.

I strongly believe that little voice that constantly telling you that you are not good enough will eventually quiet down once you lean to reconnect with your soul and become who you always have been underneath all the different layers. These layers are self-judgment, self-limiting beliefs, expectations of our parents and anyone around us, all the conditionings that we took over from movies, news etc. that we saw on TV, anything that we read in the books or listened to the radio and these also can be assumptions, etc. These are not you. These are just masks that you put on in order to fit into society. But this is your time, your opportunity to take these masks off and just be that amazing human being that you meant to be.


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