Hi, I'm Orsi
Author, entrepreneur, and a huge believer in YOU.

My goal is for YOU to learn to shine like You have never shined before and become the best version of Yourself.

I'd like to encourage you to live each day to the fullest, with clear awareness of what is important, and the knowledge of how fragile life can be.

We all have dreams of where we would like to be, or what we would like to do. But more often than not, these dreams never see the light of day, simply because we don’t actively pursue them. Please, don’t let your dreams remain on the shelf. Bring them to life today.

I truly believe that it is never too late to be who you are meant to be. I know for sure that with my unlimited support and full faith in you, you also can achieve absolutely ANYTHING.

So what are you waiting for? JUMP!

Check out my Services


Unleash your Fabulous
Coaching Programs

Supporting YOU to reconnect with your heart and find your way back to your feminine side.


Recreate your Financial Destiny
Coaching Programs

Helping YOU change your financial destiny and start moving towards achieving financial freedom.


Jump Club - 6 Months Challenge
Membership Program

YOU can also join me on a journey for the next 6 months. It will be great fun and very educational, I promise. We will cover almost all areas in life where YOU can achieve great improvements within a short amount of time.


Reconnect with your Heart

In this retreat YOU will learn to open your heart, let go of all kinds of attachments, connect with the elements, meditate, do yoga, detox, understand that everything is one, practice gratitude and most importantly reconnect with your soul.

Jump - The Book

How to achieve absolutely ANYTHING in just 3 months

I know a career change can be rather scary and challenging but with the right mindset, a supporting network and / or a coach that we can fully trust, everything is possible.

To prove my point, I decided to write a book about my transition period, called JUMP – How to achieve absolutely ANYTHING in just 3 months that is now available on Amazon.

Get your FREE copy of the first 21 days of my journey HERE!

Customers Reviews

"Now, two and a half months later, I can hardly recall the person I used to be. What I achieved over this past period and who I became is unbelievable. I had managed to set the walls - I so carefully built around me - on fire, used the blaze to bake marshmallows on it and in the meantime I admired the brightness of the flame."
Business Development
"What a journey? Unbelievable. You made me realise how essential is to have goals in my life and thanks to you I now also know that I can achieve anything that I want. Your support was priceless along the way and no doubt I will continue the joinery that we have started together."
Real Estate Agent
“Orsi is an engaging coach who put me at ease and made me feel comfortable enough to open up and discuss anything I wanted to. I found the experience challenging but it forced me delve into long hidden (and sometimes forgotten) emotions and events that shape me with the end goal being to improve my present life.”


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