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My name is Orsi Jones.

I’m an Author, Relationship Coach and Business Mentor for financial freedom seekers and creative entrepreneurs. Founder of Jump With Orsi Coaching with only one goal in mind:

Help women become simply UNSTOPPABLE.

With my proven “Unleash Your Fabulous” methods, I have coached thousands of women that were stuck in a revolving door of unsuccessful relationships and helped them find their ideal partner. With my guidance women have learned to shine like they have never shined before and become the best version of themselves, not only in their romantic relationships, but also in their careers and professional lives. 

My “Financial Freedom” programs have taught many women how to create passive income, find the job they are passionate about, and live in abundance. 

I truly believe that we were all born to be amazing, we all deserve to be loved and have an extremely joyful life. Limits only exist in our mind. With years of experience and research, I found a way to rewire our thoughts and have already changed many women’s lives.

With my compassionate and loving but very success-driven and disciplined coaching style, women conquer their limitations and shift from having a mediocre life to being simply UNSTOPPABLE.

To make this journey even more effective and enjoyable, I also lead silent meditation retreats in Thailand and California. These luxurious Retreats transform lives for the better in just a few days and also help women regain their long lost faith in their beautiful self. My life-changing sanctuary is truly one of a kind that is a must do on every woman’s list.

If you want to live in a happier world, then you have to start with yourself. 

Your new life is only a step away. 

I can't wait to assist you on your journey
towards happiness and success.

Unleash your Fabulous Coaching Program

Finding the right man and knowing how to keep him in a happy, long-lasting relationship can be very challenging. Trust me! I have been there, done that. I remember when I turned 40, I seriously started questioning myself. Up until that moment, I kept blaming my ex-partners for not making me happy, my parents for pushing me to settle down and basically the whole world for putting all this stress and pressure on me by telling me that time was running out. I knew I needed help and I needed it fast. No more time to waste. I no longer wanted to hear my friends’ kind reassurance that I was doing everything right and men were to blame for my unsuccessful relationships. So I jumped.

After being a life & business coach for the last 10 years, I started asking myself some difficult questions. I needed to understand the patterns that constantly led to the same type of men. I wanted to know why I settled in a relationship when I knew from the beginning that it was doomed to fail. I desperately wanted to get rid of my many self-limiting beliefs, such as “I’m not good enough” or “I will never find love”, etc. And on top of all that I needed to understand clearly what I was looking for in my ideal partner, not just some vague desires, but some essential and real qualities.

Once I admitted to myself that I needed some guidance and I took the courage to change, my husband appeared and swept me off my feet. Five months later we got married in Vegas and the rest is history…

Live life to the fullest,
love with all your heart and
help others do the same!

Recreate your Financial Destiny Coaching Program

I still can’t believe that not so long ago, I was one of those people who had no vision for the future and just existed from one day to another. That was the only life I knew that I felt safe in. With the knowledge and experience I have today, I wouldn’t even call that a life, it was barely surviving. I’m so pleased that nearly 6 years ago, I finally took the courage to jump and leave the corporate world behind. When I wake up these days, I feel not only happy and fulfilled, but I also have a beautiful purpose that I’m extremely passionate about, and along with that I constantly have a smile on my face. 

I can’t wait to assist you too to take the same journey and go through the same process as I did and feel that after a long long time, you are finally alive. I would love for you to understand that there is nothing to lose here, the same old and boring job will always be there for you if you need it. The truth is, though, that you would never want to go back! When you finally get out of the prison of the corporate world and feel the joy of freedom, you realize that there is an amazing, so far unknown, life out there. 

(Please note that many people are happy with having a 9-5 job, and I respect that. I’m only talking about my own experience here, and the fact that you are reading this gives me the impression that you are in the same boat as I was and ready to jump soon.)

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I offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation that will allow you to experience coaching and decide whether my approach is right for you.Whether or not you choose to have further coaching, this consultation will help you to gain clarity over your circumstances and guide you towards the outcome that you are looking to achieve.Tailored sessions and packages are then available according to your particular needs.

Jump - The Book

How to achieve absolutely ANYTHING in just 3 months

I know a career change can be rather scary and challenging but with the right mindset, a supporting network and / or a coach that we can fully trust, everything is possible.

To prove my point, I decided to write a book about my transition period, called JUMP – How to achieve absolutely ANYTHING in just 3 months that is now available on Amazon.


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