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Don’t worry about finding the right man. Just make sure you are the right women!

Hello Gorgeous, how are YOU?

We all want to feel beautiful and to be treasured, loved, and taken care of in a fulfilling relationship in which we can surrender and be fully giving. Our core is love, but we often hide it thinking of it as a weakness. I understand that we want to come across as tough women and show that we have our acts together. It is appealing to a certain degree, but deep down, these are just defence mechanisms as we don’t want to get hurt or feel vulnerable.

Unfortunately in recent years, many of us have become out of balance with ourselves, and therefore, with men. We so wanted to believe that if we worked hard, then we could have it all, and even more. We learned to be independent, warriors if you like, but the truth is that we also picked up a few negative, undesirable attributes along the way, such as arrogance and being bossy or manipulative. Those are not core qualities of a woman, so it is not surprising that we ended up feeling lonely, broken-hearted, and exhausted.

In order to find the love of our lives we need to be open, learn to reconnect with our hearts, and get in touch with our feminine side.

Are you ready
to rewrite your own story?

This program lasts 12 months.
Along with many other topics, you will learn about:

• how to get rid of those ugly self-limiting beliefs
• the importance of self-love
• how to give your body, mind and soul what they desire
• various practices that will make you feel more feminine and sexy
• how to get unstuck of a the revolving door of unsuccessful relationships and learn
• how to easily attract and keep the love of your life…

I guarantee you that if you start taking actions from the first day of our coaching and follow everything we cover in this program, you will move much faster towards becoming that high quality woman you always wanted to be.

The Coaching Program Includes

*  36 x 1 hour Skype consultation
*  Bonuses
E-mail support is available in between sessions at any time (response within 48 hours)

3 SOS calls (5-10 mins quick calls)
15-Day Challenge video program
Signed copy of my book called “Jump – How to achieve absolutely anything in just 3 months”

Terms and Conditions for all coaching bookings are as follows

Cancellations: will be charged at 50% of the full rate with 48 hours’ notice or at full rate with 24-hour notice or less.
Cancellations can be made by phone, email or text
Sessions paid for in advance must be used within 6 months of the invoice date
Sessions are non-refundable nor transferable

Hours of Availability

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 8:00pm (PST)
Saturday: 10:00am to 1:00pm (PST)

Be a better version of yourself!

My goal is to create a platform where you feel comfortable sharing anything that is on your mind.

I will be there to listen to your desires – or fears, if you have any – and to support you all the way to achieving anything you have dreamed about!  Remember, it is never too late to be that amazing person you always wanted to be.

So, are you ready to rewrite your own story?

Who is the coaching program for?

Well, it is for YOU, if you would like to 
• reconnect with your feminine side
• learn about self-love
• get rid of your self-limiting beliefs
• keep a healthy diet and look after your body on a daily basis
• find the love of your life
• learn about how to deal with breakups
• and last but not least learn about different techniques that you can take away with you and start implementing in your everyday life.
Who is the coaching program NOT for?

• Anyone who doesn’t want to change.

“Reading this book may be just the thing needed to give a reader the encouragement to “Jump.” 
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