In this book, I invite you on a journey where I say good-bye to my 9 to 5 job and Jump into the unknown. All I know is that I can’t fail. Not because I am a super woman, but because… I know that failing is never trying.
Therefore, I get out of my comfort zone, and follow my heart. My project is to write a self-help book within just 90 days, while I simultaneously coach 3 people with 3 very different obstacles they wish to overcome and share their case studies with you using various coaching techniques. During this period, in the hope of finding Mr. Right, I am back to dating and even after various heartbreaks, I pull myself together and don’t give up until I finally find love. I introduce a diet that has changed my whole life for the better and last but not least, I share some excellent ideas and techniques on how to manage your finances and how to start moving towards achieving financial freedom with a little help from the “law of attraction.”
With my book, I encourage you to dare to Jump, be smart and believe that the Universe will help you along the way to achieve anything you want in just 3 months.
Don’t worry if you are not sure of what your first steps should be. I will support you in reaching your full potential and be that amazing person who you always wanted to be.
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