• Have you also had enough of not living the life you have always desired to have?
  • Do you have a job that you don’t really like?
  • Are you constantly struggling with not having enough money?

If you would also like to live in abundance and have a successful 2024, then there are certain things you need to do. 

Are you ready?

Then here are my FIRST 5 tips for a better,
and more successful future!


1. When you identify your goals, be as precise as you can possibly be!

What exactly do you want to achieve and why? Following the rules of setting a SMART goal, we need to establish a specific target for the next period that is not only measurable, achievable, and realistic, but also timely.

Let’s say that you want to get healthier in the future. So your goals could be as follows:

         •    “I will lose 10 pounds by the end of March.”

         •     “From today I will exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time.”

So take some time now and think about what exactly you would like to achieve in this year and why? What was holding you back from having it by now? Now imagine that you are already there, how will you feel when you succeed?

It is also inevitable to break down your goals!

Sometimes we might find an ambitious goal very intimidating, but there is a solution to the problem. All we need to do is to break that huge goal down into smaller and more manageable tasks. Let’s just say that your weight loss target is 30 kg in a year. This might seem unachievable for you right now, but if you break it down into monthly, weekly, or even daily goals, you will find it much easier to accomplish. Think about it! 30 kg in a year is only 2.5 kg in a month and 0.58 kg in a week. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Remember: Breaking down the ultimate goal into small pieces helps!

2. Create a daily to-do list
and most importantly stick to it!

The main objective of time management is to have a clear picture of our upcoming days, weeks, and months. This is a way to discover how much time we have available to devote to our business and career, study, recreation, or other activities. We all like to use lack of time as an excuse when we don’t get something done. In reality though, if we recorded every activity for an entire week that we do, from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep, we would surprise ourselves how much time we actually are wasting on things that are not getting us closer to our goals. Eliminating these time monsters will help us get a better control of our precious life. The next thing we need to do is prioritise. We don’t want to be overwhelmed and burn out quickly by all the goals we have in mind. Effective planning will increase our chances of success. After establishing our priorities, we need to start scheduling our activities. I use a daily personal organiser for that purpose that helps me not only achieve my goals, but stay on top of all my projects and planning, and have a perfect overview. When we plan our day, we need to be logical. For example, after lunch when I feel sleepy, I never force myself to do something challenging. I normally use this time for making phone calls and writing emails.

The other important rule that I bear in mind is that there might be unforeseen things that could distract my day, so I always make sure that I leave at least 20% of my time open for those events. This way, when that happens, I prevent myself from feeling guilty for falling behind my plans.

After following your daily schedule and completing everything on your to-do list for the day, make sure you find a way to reward yourself.

Rewarding ourselves is a fun and easy way to keep ourselves motivated. Rewards can turn our goals into habits, help us maintain a positive attitude, encourage us to stay on the right track, and finally they allow us to feel good about ourselves by giving us a way to celebrate our success.

How efficient are you when it comes to time management? Do you have a daily to-do list?

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3. In every given moment aim to be the best version of yourself and take responsibility for your actions!

Responsibility? Such a simple word, and yet it is widely interpreted in a wrong way. Taking responsibility is acknowledging and accepting the choices you have made, the actions you have taken, and the results they have led to. Remember, the source is always you. Unfortunately, most people decide to avoid taking responsibility. The either use denial and ignore the existence of something they don’t want to deal with, or they justify and use excuses for things being the way they are. People very often play the blame game too, where they hold others at fault for causing them pain. Unfortunately, at the end, these defence mechanisms all result in quitting, such as giving up to avoid the pain of shame and obligation.

We all make mistakes and there is nothing wrong with them. Experiencing failure is essential to succeeding.

Just because we realise that something we tried didn’t help us move closer to our goal doesn’t mean we failed. It only means that we put ourselves out there, dared to try something new, and now, by learning from our mistakes, we are ready to take a different approach to rationalise our dreams. We actually got a step closer to our final goal, not further, which is what many of us would think. More often than not, our fear of failure is the thing that stops us from achieving amazing things. I’m personally so much better for failure. I understand that we all want to see positive results in a short amount of time, but believe me, without the downs, we wouldn’t appreciate the ups so much. 

By the way, did you know that the biggest fear of all is not failing, but succeeding, as with that there are no more excuses?

4. Reward yourself after achieving your goals!

Rewarding ourselves is a fun and easy way to keep ourselves motivated.

It is crucial to congratulate ourselves for doing a good job. Most of the time we are so busy with trying to get things done that we don’t have time for ourselves. In order to keep up or even increase our productivity, to improve the quality of our lives, we need to take time to reward ourselves. At first it might be challenging, but believe me, please, when I say that it is worth every penny. Rewards can turn our goals into habits, help us maintain a positive attitude, encourage us to stay on the right track, and finally they allow us to feel good about ourselves by giving us a way to celebrate our success.

We all like a pat on the back, especially when we are working hard and challenging ourselves to improve. These rewards can be reading a great book, going for a short walk, catching up with our friends, and the list could go on. But when you decide on the reward, please make sure it is in line with your health objectives and not something that you would regret the next day. Have you ever had a huge greasy hamburger after a long and rather challenging diet? I know I have.

When was the last time you rewarded yourself and what did you celebrate?

5. Always keep your deadlines and your promises!

If you can’t keep your promises, you shouldn’t make them in the first place.

We all make commitments to one another, but the question is, how often do we keep our promises? When we decide to ignore a commitment, it communicates to the other person that we don’t value him or her, as we have chosen to put something else ahead of our commitment. Even if these are small promises that we break, others will learn eventually that they cannot count on us. Besides, when we fail to keep our promise, it also means that we don’t value our own word. Ultimately, not following through on something we said we would do can harm not only our self-image, but our life too. We always need to make sure we understand our driver when we make a commitment. Why did we agree to do something in the first place? We also need to consider our schedules and ask ourselves whether we have sufficient time to keep our promises. It could, of course, happen that even with our best intentions, we are not able to follow through on a commitment we made, due to unforeseen circumstances. But the least we could do in that case is to give a heads up early enough to others so they could make alternative plans. Otherwise, this could result in an erosion of trust in the relationship. 

Do you keep your promises?

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