Change your Financial Destiny

Money is just an asset. But it is great to have a portfolio.

In this webinar, we will create a platform where you feel comfortable sharing anything that is on your mind. I am here to listen to your desires – or fears, if you have any – and to support you all the way to achieve anything you have dreamed about! Remember, it is never too late to be that amazing person you always wanted to be.

Topics are: Money & Finance, Business & Career and Personal Growth

There is a webinar each month on this topic, where I will do everything to coach you towards success.

I have created a ‘Reflective Diary’ for your convenience that you could download from here.
Please make sure that you have this template printed for our webinars as you will be using it throughout our session.

In order to achieve the best results, at these webinars we will:

establish S.M.A.R.T. goals

recognise those ugly self-limiting beliefs that were holding you back so far from having the life you desired

come up with an action plan

decide on the rewards after achieving your goals

and last but not least support you all the way to be happy, content and successful.

These hangouts are free of charge to attend.

Next webinar:
30th of May, 2017.
7pm (GMT)


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1-DAY Workshop

At my 1-Day Workshops you will have the opportunity to spend a whole day with other like-minded people, and learn how to create a life you can be proud of.

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10-Day Challenge to change your financial destiny

If you prefer to progress at your own speed, then you can get my 10-day challenge of changing your financial destiny, where you will receive a video for 10 consecutive days with a very important task to do. Fun, fun, fun!

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Breakthrough Coaching Program

Or if you are more determined and ready to take that leap of faith, then sign up for the Breakthrough coaching programme.

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VIP Program

or get into the most requested VIP programme and move towards achieving Financial Freedom.

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