Now, two and a half months later, I can hardly recall the person I used to be. What I achieved over this past period and who I became is unbelievable. I had managed to set the walls – I so carefully built around me – on fire, used the blaze to bake marshmallows on it and in the meantime I admired the brightness of the flame.

What a journey? Unbelievable. You made me realise how essential is to have goals in my life and thanks to you I now also know that I can achieve anything that I want. Your support was priceless along the way and no doubt I will continue the joinery that we have started together.

Jump – the book

Rowena: Refreshingly down to earth
Brilliant read, it’s written in such a relatable way and highlights some key and core areas that anyone could benefit from. A great read well written smile all the way through reading 🙂

Katalin Tatrai: It’s a fantastic journey which will inspire anyone who wants to achieve …
Having read many books over the years, I rarely find one that stands out in terms of being capable of delivering valuable and inspiring content. However, Orsi’s book does just that. It’s a fantastic journey which will inspire anyone who wants to achieve their lifelong goals. Orsi has the experience and determination to succeed, and within her book ‘JUMP’, she teaches the reader invaluable tips and advice on what they need to do in order to achieve absolutely anything and everything!

Danielle Urban: A MUST Read
Jump by Orsi Kovacs is a sensational hit from page one. Readers will automatically be drawn deeper into this exciting book. Readers can almost sense and feel what the author has masterfully penned. The writing is well-developed and creates an air of suspense. One that will keep readers turning the pages to find out what happens next.
Jump is a self-journey that readers will take and follow along as the writer shows her readers what happens. From working a job that no longer interested her to turning in her resignation and feeling the fear of what next is one that propels readers forward into the world of life’s changes. Some times we find that we are better suited for other things. Things we may not have noticed until we take that one daring leap like Orsi Kovacs did. This was definitely the most inspiring tale of a real woman and real life decisions that shaped her future. I have found this book as a guide that gently takes me through the process and steps f redefining me and my life’s purpose. The possibility of failing is a fear all face. But getting the courage to embrace the unknown is a defeat for the strong and successful. Overall, I highly recommend this well-written book to all.


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