Recreate your Financial Destiny
VIP Coaching Program

Did you know that there is enough money in the world for each of us to be a millionaire?

That just means that you and me and also our postman could be a millionaire. We all have the opportunity to become financially free and never ever worry about money again. Unfortunately we are conditioned to think differently. Our deeply ingrained thoughts are holding us back from becoming anything that we dream about. But the great news is that we can change that. How? Well, if you would like to master the money game, there are certain things you have to do. First of all, you need to change your money blueprint. What do I mean by that? Have you ever wondered why some people become extremely wealthy and successful while others are struggling throughout their lives? Our beliefs and associations around money and wealth are responsible for all that. Our Money Blueprint is guiding us and pulling us towards our financial destiny. It is controlling every decision we make and every action we take in our lives that relates to money. Unfortunately most of us have inner conflicts and/or limiting beliefs that hold us back from being financially free. I’m sure you can relate to the following beliefs:

You can go through life believing that Opportunities are NOWHERE or Opportunities are NOW HERE.
The decision is yours.

This program lasts 12 months.
Along with many other topics, you will learn about:

• how to change your money blueprint
• how to break the time and money link
• how to create passive income
• how to implement a fantastic money management system into your everyday life…

I guarantee you that if you start taking actions from the first day of our coaching and follow everything we cover in this program, you will move much faster towards becoming financially free.

The Coaching Program Includes

*  36 x 1 hour Skype consultation
*  Bonuses
E-mail support is available in between sessions at any time (response within 48 hours)

3 SOS calls (5-10 mins quick calls)
+1 hour session where we only focus on eliminating those ugly money self-limiting beliefs of yours
A copy of the top 10 passive income ideas
10-Day Challenge video program
Signed copy of my book called Jump – How to achieve absolutely anything in just 3 months

Terms and Conditions for all coaching bookings are as follows

Cancellations: will be charged at 50% of the full rate with 48 hours’ notice or at full rate with 24-hour notice or less.
Cancellations can be made by phone, email or text
Sessions paid for in advance must be used within 6 months of the invoice date
Sessions are non-refundable nor transferable

Hours of Availability

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 8:00pm (PST)
Saturday: 10:00am to 1:00pm (PST)

Instead of dreaming about being happy and successful, you can choose to wake up and make it a reality.
Are you ready?

My goal is to create a platform where you feel comfortable sharing anything that is on your mind.

I will be there to listen to your desires – or fears, if you have any – and to support you all the way to achieving anything you have dreamed about!  Remember, it is never too late to be that amazing person you always wanted to be.

So, are you ready to rewrite your own story?

Who is the coaching program for?

Well, it is for YOU, if you would like to 
  • work because you choose to and not because you have to
  • learn about a proven money management system
  • get rid of your self-limiting beliefs
  • find your true purpose in life
  • and last but not least learn about different passive income ideas
Who is the coaching program NOT for?
  • Anyone who’d like to get rich fast without putting any effort into it.

“Reading this book may be just the thing needed to give a reader the encouragement to “Jump.” 
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