Day 4 - Coaching

Welcome back on Day 4 !

Before we move on to producing a massive passive income, let’s stop here for a second and see what resources you have to become a big financial success and why you so desperately would like to become financially free, and live a lifestyle you’ve always desired.

Today's quote:
“Success breeds success.”
- Mia Hamm

1. how? – So first I’d like you to finish my next sentence:

I deserve to be wealthy, because….

Please state 5 different qualities that you already have, and that either make you unique, or you strongly believe that anyone with similar attributes should be financially free.


  • I have an “everything is possible” mentality
  • I’m great at managing people
  • I can always take a few steps back and see the big picture
  • I’m focused
  • I see opportunities everywhere
  • I’m very disciplined
  • I give a massive value to other people’s lives
  • I’m fantastic at managing my money
  • etc.

So go ahead and stop the video until you find your top 5 attributes that will no doubt make you rich.

Once you have completed the task, I’d like you to place this list somewhere in your house, where you can see it all the time. It will serve you as a reminder when you face some setbacks or challenges to never give up as you have already got what it takes to become financially free.

2. WHy? – The second thing I’d like you to do is think about why it is so important for you to be rich.

So please pause the video here and list 10 different things that you would like to do with your money.

Remember the bigger your WHYs, the easier the HOWs!

  • Do you want to travel more?
  • Is there an organisation that you would really like to sponsor?
  • Would you like your kids to have a great lifestyle?
  • etc.

Now that you have the list in front of you, I’d like you to rate them one by one on a 1-10 scale (1 being not so important and 10 being very important for you to achieve).

After this exercise you will probably see that some reasons are super important while others are just there to fill the space. So go ahead and cross everything off your list that you have not given at least a  9 or 10 rating to.

Superb, now we know, what your true reasons are to become wealthy. Once again, place this revised list next to your top 5 qualities so you can revisit them any time, when you need some encouragement.

3. what? – Your last task for the day is to come up with a precise number that you would like to earn on a yearly basis. 

Most people like to say big numbers when it comes to this exercise, not even knowing how detrimental that could be. As soon as they state their “magic number”, they instantly get scared as the amount is so high and impossible to achieve. I’d like you to think about your current lifestyle, things that you currently cannot afford, but would like to have and come up with a number for next year. How much income would make you happy? Once that is done, please break that yearly goal down into monthly amounts and then finally let’s see what that means for you on a daily basis. This number is not so scary any more, is it?

Obviously you can do a 5 or 10-year plan too, but for now let’s focus on our 1-year objective.

Please write down this number on a separate list or post it and place it next to the others.

Well done, now you have a what, why and how board that will keep you reminded if you get sidetracked or lost in your daily challenges.



Come back tomorrow on Day 5 when we will continue our journey with talking about producing a passive income.

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