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In terms of BUSINESS & CAREER, I have finally launched my website of which I’m super proud. I have always admired those people who had a remarkable website, and now, thanks to Ajay and Edina, I belong to that group. As you probably know – otherwise, how on earth would you get the secret code to this chapter – Jump, the book, got published, and it is now available on Amazon. I would love to tell you the sales are increasing enormously day by day. Unfortunately, it would be a lie… I guess, it will take a bit more time to promote it in the right channels and get people to find out about its presence.
Surprisingly, even now, when my work is out, somehow, I’m still missing that euphoric and proud feeling of being an author. I thought, when I first held the book in my hands, the realisation would finally hit me. It is my masterpiece on which I worked so hard. It is my blood, sweat, and tears that I put into this project to pound out, edit, and polish my work, so I could be extremely proud of myself. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m just hoping that, with time, that desired feeling will arrive too.
As for my book launch, I still need to figure out some details before I organise one, such as who to invite to the party, where to hold it, who from the local press I should inform about the event, etc. In the meantime, as I know how important it is to have some feedback from bloggers about my book, I contacted a few of them to get a review. My fingers are crossed that all will be very positive and supportive.
I continued to sign a few more amazing affiliate contracts that would, no doubt, generate some extra passive income streams.
I created a couple of videos and other promotional materials that would help me get the word out about my services. The one I love the most is my Facebook page that is called ‘Jump with Orsi’ – what an unexpected twist on the name, I know 🙂 – where I launched an on-going 6-Month Challenge that would, not only cover all aspects of life, using daily posts, blogs, and Q&As (which, by the way, is free of charge for anyone), but also for those individuals who are extremely determined to make the most of their lives and would like to take their self-development to the next level. I created the Jump Club, so these people could be part of an amazing mastermind group. Anyone who subscribes can join the biweekly webinars that I hold each month, and with the support of the group, anyone can achieve great improvements within a short amount of time.
In order to achieve the best results at these webinars, we will:
* talk about all the different challenges I set for the next 6 months
* establish S.M.A.R.T. goals
* recognise those ugly self-limiting beliefs that were holding us back, so far, from having the life we desired
* come up with an action plan
* decide on the rewards after achieving the previously set goals
* and last, but not least, support the members all the way to be happy, content, and successful.
At the end of each month, there will be a competition, where I will reward one lucky person, who fully participates in the program and posts his or her success story in the given category. In the meantime, I am working on a meditation and visualisation audio guide, and I am also in the process of creating online programs, using various coaching techniques that could be downloaded and completed at home. My future plans are to organise Meetup events and retreats, where like-minded people could get together, share their experiences, and learn from and support each other to accomplish anything they desire.

As for MONEY & FINANCE, if I want to be honest, I have had better times. While I was in Egypt, enjoying my holiday in November, the share price of one of my investments dropped dramatically, causing a small panic and a minor heart attack. I’m clearly exaggerating, but it was very emotional to see the market collapse. I needed to understand from where my fear had come and act in a rational manner. Thanks to my daily meditation, I was able to stay disciplined, during this difficult time, when I felt my strategy was not working according to my plans. This mindfulness technique helped me take a few steps back from the market and approach it with a fresh perspective. I learned that if I wanted to be successful at trading, I needed to stay focused and consistent. So I set some trading rules and did some additional research in the area in which I was investing, and that helped me overcome those little mind matters. The other reason that contributed to my temporary financial setback was that I was still in the process of building my company and launching my services, so within this time, I spent more than I earned. But as we all know, some investments are necessary to be made in order to set up our own business and make it successful, so all I could do was make sure I was spending my money in the best possible way and just enjoy the ride.

I have not been to the gym as much in November and December, due to the lack of time (partly, because of the few trips I took and the guests I welcomed in my home for shorter or longer periods of time), but even in the last two months, I was practising my yoga and meditation routine almost every day. I still follow the alternate-day fasting that I introduced in the book, and it goes without saying that I’m loving the results. I feel great, energised, and unstoppable.

I can’t complain when it comes to PLAY & REWARD in my life. I have travelled to Egypt for one week, which turned out to be 12 days in total at the end, and I also went back home to Hungary to see my family and friends, where I got to spend some quality time with them. I have been to many great restaurants and introduced to some amazing food, since I completed the book. My favourite of all was the Crazy Bear, which has been voted best restaurant by The London Lifestyle Awards. I appreciate that it is quite costly to dine there, but it is a sumptuous experience and can be enjoyed amidst a seductive backdrop, featuring funky design, an Art Deco chandelier, and leather walls. Going back to my Egypt experience, I’m sure all of you are familiar with what happened to the Russian plane in November when Egypt became a no-fly zone for a couple of months. (For those of you who can’t recall the incident, apparently, a homemade bomb brought down the Metrojet airliner over Egypt’s Sinai desert, and according to the news, it has been confirmed that the Russian plane was destroyed by a terrorist attack.) Well, I was in Sharm El Sheikh when that happened, so due to the shortcomings of the flights back to the UK each day, my holiday was extended by a few days. Although we were accommodated in the breath-taking Sharm El Sheikh Hilton Hotel, having experienced the uncertainty of when we would actually fly back to the UK was a bit scary. We all knew that Egypt would stop the cargo completely on the 15th of November, so when we couldn’t find my name on the list of any of the last flights that were leaving Sharm El Sheikh on the 14th, I went through a smaller nervous breakdown. 🙂 Well, only for a few seconds, as the nice and well-trained crew of the company with which I was flying shortly found a solution to the problem, so I finally got back to Luton safely with all the other passengers who were stuck in Egypt.

In terms of EDUCATION, I attend at least 3 Meetups each week, where I meet a lot of fabulous people and attain some useful information, tips, and ideas on how to improve my life, be more successful etc. I’m back to reading as much as I can, and I also try to listen to an audio or video training daily that helps me improve my knowledge base. I went to a seminar the other day, where we talked about the importance of being authentic and congruent. Anyone who is close to me knows I am quite close to my heart and learned to love myself a long time ago. Was it easy? No, it most definitely wasn’t. I worked extremely hard on myself until, one day, I finally understood that the only way to live a happier and better life was if I accepted my weaknesses and imperfections and forgave myself for the occasional mistakes I made. Here is a list of tips that you could do to boost your love towards yourself.
* Give your body, soul, and mind what they desire. Make sure you have some time each day to nourish and pamper yourself and try to meditate on a regular basis.
* Learn to say no. Don’t let others use or step all over you. Be smart and set your boundaries.
* End toxic relationships and get rid of those people who are just there to criticise you. Surround yourself with those who love you for who you are and support you all the way.
* When someone compliments you, don’t start to think about how you can pay back the compliments, but embrace it and say thank you.
* You made some mistakes? So what? Learn from them and forgive yourself. No one is perfect. You probably did the best you could have done in any given moment.
* Stop the comparison. You are unique, so please understand, you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone, only to yourself.
* You will love yourself more if you see yourself accomplishing what you set out to do. Get out of your comfort zone and try something different. Don’t be afraid to fail. You are much better than you think.
* Celebrate your successes, no matter how small or big they are. Never miss an opportunity to give yourself a pat on the shoulder when you accomplish a previously set goal.
* Last, but not least, get into the habit of keeping a success and gratitude journal.
I appreciate that practising self-love might be challenging, especially in a time when you need to face some serious challenges. But, believe me when I say that in order to have a healthy and happy life, it is essential.

Regarding CHARITY & CONTRIBUTION, I took part in the Basket Brigade event on the 23rd of December, which was phenomenal. We were packing food baskets in the morning and then delivering those hampers as a wonderful Christmas surprise to unsuspecting families in need. I also contacted the Make-A-Wish organisation, and I will work for them as a wish visitor and cheerer in the future. There are so many beautiful charity programs for which we can all sign up, and with that, we can support and make a difference in thousands of lives.

Unfortunately, FINDING MR. RIGHT and living happily ever after seems to be more challenging than I have ever thought. Ryan and I are still keeping in touch, but only as friends. I believe he is not ready to give up his freedom, or he might be too afraid to get hurt again, but from my perspective, the underlying reason behind his decision doesn’t matter. I realised I couldn’t keep letting men into my life without a careful selection, and I also understood that giving my precious heart to these gentlemen without any consideration could no longer be an option. So, I am taking a break from dating, and I promised myself the next time I meet someone interesting, I will make sure he could be worthy of me before I open my heart to him.

COACHING AND SELF-DEVELOPMENT are still my ultimate favourite areas. I couldn’t be happier to have found a profession that I am, not only passionate about, but can also bring positive changes to other people’s lives. Regarding my previous clients, Emma is now confident in engaging men, and she is more relaxed at work. She has learned to be assertive and has changed her working pattern by implementing new strategies. Emma is going to start the Women in Construction training this year, where she will have the opportunity to shadow some extraordinary leaders. I can say, without any doubt, she has an amazing career ahead of her. She finally moved into her new home last December, which she is crazy about, and even though she has not met the right man yet, she still uses the flirting techniques she learned at our meetings and feels more confident in her skin than ever before. Emma was asked to be a short hair model at a beauty salon, which she gladly accepted. According to her, this could have never happened if it hadn’t been for the coaching program, and she also added that she finally felt happy and content with herself and just loved her new life.
Katie is now settled in London with a job that provides financial security. She attends as many Meetups as she can in order to improve her English and socialise with others who are just like her, ready to take their fate into their hands. Katie has a lot of goals set for 2016, and I have no doubt that she will achieve them one by one.
Claire has learned her main priority was to focus on her own happiness, and only by finding her true purpose could she improve her present life. She is now looking for a career change and has already started taking actions in order to have a better life. Her affair is over, so she is now ready to think about the bigger question, whether she would still want to stay with her husband and work on their marriage.

As for me, six months ago, I got on this crazy rollercoaster in search of excitement, and I got everything I have ever wished for. I’m more determined, more than ever before, to improve myself, learn and develop, and help others do the same. Only this way, we can have everything that this beautiful life has to offer. So from now on, make each day count, be smart, play big, and enjoy the ride! After all, life is the most amazing rollercoaster you could ever be on.



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